Synendos Therapeutics AG Co-Founder and SAB Member, Professor Jürg Gertsch, Presents Groundbreaking New Findings on an Endocannabinoid Transporter at Cannabinoid Research Conference

Professor Gertsch identifies novel transport mechanism and presents new information on mode of action as part of presentation entitled ‘Identification of an Endocannabinoid Reuptake and Recycling Machinery’

Presentation forms part of 10th Gordon Research Conference on ‘Cannabinoid Function in the CNS’ held 16-21 July 2023 outside Barcelona, Spain

BASEL, Switzerland - [18 July] 2023 - Synendos Therapeutics AG (Synendos), a world leader in innovative Endocannabinoid System (ECS) treatments, today announces that its co-founder and Scientific Advisor Board member, Professor Jürg Gertsch, last night presented new findings on the endocannabinoid transporter at the 10th Gordon Research Conference on ‘Cannabinoid Function in the CNS - Charting the Course to Novel Therapeutics from a Fundamental Understanding of Cannabinoid Neurobiology’.

Professor Gertsch’s presentation, entitled ‘Identification of an Endocannabinoid Reuptake and Recycling Machinery’, which took place yesterday, 17 July 2023 at 7:00 pm CEST, provided for the first-time new insights into the novel transport mechanism that influences the balance of the ECS, a key neuromodulator system in the central nervous system (CNS) that plays a significant role in how the body responds to stress. In particular, Professor Gertsch presented key scientific results that led to the identification and characterization of the biological machinery responsible for endocannabinoid cell reuptake. He also provided scientific evidence for the interaction with selective endocannabinoid reuptake inhibitors (SERIs) and the relevance of targeting this biological process with SERIs to modulate synaptic activity in a unique manner within the ECS.

Synendos was founded to exploit the therapeutic potential of this novel mode of action and is developing SERIs as first-in-class inhibitors that modulate a newly identified drug target in the ECS. By rebalancing and restoring endogenous cannabinoid levels that are dysregulated in certain pathological conditions, this new mode of action has the potential to rebalance brain function in a holistic and pro-homeostatic way to treat neuropsychiatric disorders such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The pioneering research performed by Professor Gertsch’s team forms the basis of Synendos’ approach and represents the most advanced therapeutic approach using this mode of action with clinical studies anticipated in the near future.

Dr Andrea Chicca, Co-Founder and CEO of Synendos, commented: “Professor Jürg Gertsch’s groundbreaking findings, disclosed yesterday for the first time, are the culmination of more than a decade of research into an entirely new mechanism for the treatment of challenging neuropsychiatric conditions. With the support of Jürg and his research team, we look forward to exploiting the therapeutic potential that this new mode of action presents as we complete the necessary regulatory submissions needed to become a clinical stage company.”

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